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Maintaining a Garden Pond

Garden Ponds





Maintaining a Garden Pond

Garden pond cleaning usually requires at least one intense cleansing per season.

Cleaning Garden Ponds

Garden pond vacuum cleaners

Like everything else in a home or garden, a garden pond must be maintained to remain in the best condition possible. This means it must undergo a regular amount of cleaning, care and maintenance. Garden pond cleaning usually requires at least one intense cleaning per season, and perhaps more if plants, fish and frogs live in the pond.


Remove all built up debris
The best way to maintain and care for your pond is with the proper equipment, including a pond vacuum cleaner. To begin a seasonal garden pond cleaning, you should remove all debris that has built up over the autumn and winter months. This includes leaves and sticks floating on the surface and those clumped up at the bottom areas as well. Be very mindful, however, of the fish living in your pond as they might be using the clumps of debris for shelter. Use a pond vacuum cleaner to also pull any overgrowth of algae around the edges of the pond.

Clean pond filters
Many home and property owners begin their garden pond cleaning by replacing some of the existing water with fresher water. This can be done fairly easily, but a few considerations must be addressed before beginning.


The first thing is any pumps or filters that are installed in the pond these must be properly cleaned according to the manufacturer directions. There would be very little benefit to adding clean water if it is channeled through filthy pumps or filters.

Harmful water sources
The next thing to consider in the garden pond cleaning process is the source of the "clean" water to replace half of the existing pond water. Though this allows for more oxygen to enter into the pond; any water that is from a public supply might contain chemicals and treatments that will be harmful to fish and plants.


Test the water pH levels
For this reason, you should test the water for pH and also use any recommended treatments before adding fresh water to the pond. While half of the water is out of the pond, you should also use your pond vacuum cleaner to remove build up from any rocks or features that have developed algae or unwanted growths.

Optimal conditions Garden pond cleaning is a great way to ensure that conditions are optimal for all of the life and water within the entire pond. Performing annual maintenance allows you to also add beneficial plants and continually improve the appearance and condition of your lovely garden feature.

About the Author: Wolf Miller is a freelance writer for which provides pond maintenance information that you need.
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