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Caring for Cottage Wicker Furniture and Antiques

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Caring for Cottage Garden Wicker Furniture

Wicker is a dust magnet.

White Wicker Ottoman with Stripe Fabric

Cleaning is necessary
In the summer and nice weather, your cottage garden is a sanctuary, a place to relax and entertain guests. To make the most of this sanctuary, many have chosen to use wicker outdoor furniture for its comfort and its beauty. It is an elegant yet affordable way to create the perfect look for any cottage garden, and the good new is, it's relatively easy to care for.

Wicker has lots of crevices
The weave design of wicker creates lots of crevices, and because of the intricate design of wicker, it is a dust magnet. To keep your garden wicker clean, use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment to clean the wicker regularly. Follow along with the direction of the weave to get into the crevices and prevent breaking the wicker.


Soap, water and a toothbrush
When the wicker is clean of dust, soap and water is the best way to finish cleaning it. A toothbrush can be used to get into those crevices and tight spots and get out any debris that may have become lodged inside. When done, it's okay to rinse off the furniture with a hose and let it dry in the shade. Doing this on a warm, breezy day is best although it can take two to three days for it to dry completely.

Hazard of moisture and high humidity
Those crevices in the weave can build up mildew over time, so cleaning is necessary. That is why it's important to inspect your wicker from time to time. Moisture and high humidity can cause mold and mildew to develop; this will look like black spots and discolorations on wicker. This can be cleaned with a mix of bleach and water and sprayed on. After you let it sit a few minutes, just rinse it off and repeat if necessary.


Protecting your wicker further
To further protect your cottage wicker you may want to paint or varnish it. Before doing either you should apply a deglosser to it. This will enable the paint or the varnish to adhere to the wicker. It can be picked up at most home improvement stores with easy to follow instructions.

Painting wicker
If you're going to paint your garden wicker, choose a weather resistant outdoor paint. Spraying the paint on is the easiest method to get an even coat but you can apply it any way you like. A varnish or lacquer can be used instead of paint, especially if you like the natural color of the wicker and just want to protect it. A coat of liquid furniture wax after applying paint or varnish adds extra protection and beauty to outdoor cottage garden wicker furniture.


Shade adds to life of wicker
It's best to place your garden wicker furniture in shaded areas, because sunlight can deteriorate the wicker. When it rains, plastic tarps can protect your wicker and keep the moisture to a minimum. During the winter months it's best not to just cover and leave it out in your garden, rather you want to protect it as well as possible. Place your garden wicker furniture in a garage or shed during the winter weather months and keep covered during that time. Keep it away from any heat sources while in storage also.

Wicker outdoor cottage garden furniture is versatile, comfortable, and beautiful. It's a lovely addition to any garden or backyard and can bring a touch of elegance to its surroundings. However, it needs to have regular and proper care to ensure that it provides many years of enjoyment and comfort.

About the Author: Gabriel Meriwether writes about patio furniture and patio dining sets and provides valuable information about purdhasing resin wicker patio furniture.
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